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Johnny Ringo

Mission Statement:
The Johnny Ringo Society, an Old West Fraternal Order of Preservationists, reenact historical events in period attire for the purpose of raising funds to support the restoration and preservation of Llano’s Historic Red Top Jail.

What is the Johnny Ringo Society?
The “JRS” was founded on the story of the authentic life of cowboy outlaw “Johnny Ringo”, a legend in Central Texas, Mason County Range Wars and his Tombstone, Arizona escapades.
Our goal is to preserve the history and heritage of Llano’s 1895 Red Top Jail, while showcasing the cowboy period of the American West in an actual living history event. In keeping with the captivating mystery of a secret society, members dress in Old West fashion and style, meeting in an authentic Old West saloon. These fundraising (fun raising) affairs are a celebration of the historic Wild West.

The Johnny Ringo Society presents:
"Celebration for Red Top Preservation." To join our Living History event, dress up in authentic Old West, Victorian or Civil War attire. We will meet at "Joe's Bar and Grill" in Llano for our Red Top Jail Fund (fun) Raiser. Donations at door, on a Saturday evening several times a year at 7:00 pm dates will be posted on the jail calendar. Travel back in time to 1889 for drinks, good cheer and preserving the Old West in Llano, Texas.

What are the criteria for attending a JRS affair?
1. Must be at least 21 years of age
2. Dress in near authentic Old West, Victorian or Civil War attire.
3. Sign-In and make a donation to the Historic Red Top Jail Restoration Fund.
4. Relax, buy a drink and relive the early Texas Frontier Saloon days.

Where and When does JRS meet?
We invite you to experience the past at the “Silver King Saloon” in the back of Joe’s Bar and Grill on West Main St. in Llano, TX. We meet several times a year on a third Saturday evening at 7:00pm. Travel back in time to 1889 for a beer and good cheer while preserving the Old West spirit in Llano, Texas. The way Texas used to be

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Outlaw Feast October 10, 2014. A Johnny Ringo Society Event.

Kim Webb 325.247.5354

Rich Houston 512.695.2014

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